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[14 Nov 2005|01:07pm]


Hey guys, i finally got my hands on the reissue of Nekromantix 1994 release, 'Brought Back To Life'. I had been trying to find this album for years, so glad they decided to reissue it! It's even better than I had expected! I'm loving the album, has anyone else picked it up yet, what did you think?

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Born to Lose the Last Rock n Roll Movie [21 Aug 2005|04:52pm]

anyone interested in a copy of 'Born to Lose the Last Rock n Roll Movie' the extremely rare documentary on Johnny Thunder's life and times comment to this entry for details.
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[27 Jul 2005|05:21pm]

Great news - though I may be late!
When I went to Warped Tour a few week ago, I went over to the Dropkick Murphy's tent and they were telling me about the new GIVE 'EM THE BOOT DVD from Hellcat that is going to be released next week. I've been waiting for something on the Hellcat bands and it's finally here. Joe Strummer and Iggy Pop are on it...plus every Hellcat band to date. By far this will be one of the best music DVD release all year!
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shows [31 Mar 2005|05:12pm]

does anyone know of any shows coming up this weekend?
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[03 Mar 2005|12:12pm]

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[03 Mar 2005|12:04pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hardcore Show
The lineup and venue have been confirmed for CHAOS FEST 2005, Milwaukee, WI's annual metal and hardcore festival. The 2-Day Fest will cost $10 per day and starts at 5pm on both Friday, April 15th and Saturday, April 16th.

This year's Chaos Fest, sponsored by Life Sentence Records, Funeral Verse Records, and Hold True Productions, will be held at the Orchard Inn, N83 W12608 Old Orchard Road, Menomonee Falls, WI.

The finalized lineup is as follows:

Friday, April 15th:

Accursed Dawn
Arsis (Willowtip Records)
Broken Aside (Funeral Verse Records)
Bound By Honor (Funeral Verse Records)
Invocation Of Nehek (Prosthetic Records)
Now A Murderer
The Acacia Strain (Prosthetic Records)
The Breathing Process
The Red Death (Metalblade Records)
Undo Tomorrow (Build To Break Records)
Wings Of Scarlet (Life Sentence Records)

Saturday, April 16th:

Above This Fire (Life Sentence Records)
Akela (Hold True Recordings)
Amora Savant (Volatile Productions)
Beyond Loyalty
Circle Takes The Square (Robotic Empire)
Eyes To The Sky (Funeral Verse Records)
From A Second Story Window (Black Market Activities)
King of Clubz (Filled With Hate Records)
Nehemiah (Uprising Records)
Once For All (Strike First Records)
The End (Relapse Records)
The Escape (Hold True Productions)
xTyrantx (Seventh Dagger)

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